A Photo Project by Gregg Patrick Boersma

This personal photo project is designed to help change perceptions about men and women of color (and minorities, in general) in a positive manner.  The goal is to photograph many different people using two different lighting techniques to illustrate that the person many people think they see, is really a much different individual.

The Project

Recent Participants

The Mission

Your Role

Like many, what I've seen on the news recently has disturbed me and caused me to reflect.  I asked myself, "What can I do to help?"  I'm a p​​​hotographer, so I decided this was the best way for me to make a positive contribution to the conversation.  It is my hope that these images will result in a series that will be pushed out through all forms of media, nationwide, to help persuade others to open their minds and see people that are not like themselves in a different light.​

I can't accomplish the goals of this project without subjects to photograph.  If you are a person of color and are asking yourself how you can make a positive contribution to this same cause, the answer is easy!  Become a participant in this project! Contact the photographer and volunteer to sit for a (free) portrait session.